Boutique Lux2021January

To start this year 2021 on a positive note, LUX Lighting Solutions is making a new look and presents its brand new website, completely redesigned and absolutely brilliant.

You will find all the LUX advantages, but several new features have also been added, such as an online appointment scheduling service and more!

All our fabulous services and business sectors are presented, as well as our achievements and a brand new blog.

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by LUX and stay on top of the many new features by creating a personalized account now!

A change of scenery is guaranteed with this style which creates a heat wave, even in the middle of winter.

In terms of lighting, a multitude of possibilities exist to transport us to another world: wicker or rattan lamps, metal bases with original shapes, natural paper shades and coloured lighting will create an effect worthy of warm summer evenings.

The tropical/exotic style is inspired by wild and natural environments, combining textures, organic colours and inspired shapes. Relaxation and casualness are the order of the day.

For materials and furniture, we think nature. We opt for light or dark wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan, mahogany, walnut, trying to stay in the same shades all the same.

Red, yellow, orange, turquoise and light blue accessories will give a little spice to the earth and sand tones of the decorations. Patterned bedding and illustrations of animals and lush foliage are also in the theme.

Our brand new online appointment scheduling platform allows you to book a moment with us, according to your availability.

You can also choose a specific member of our team, according to your needs or your project.

Our team is indeed growing and now includes several new members with varied expertise!

To make an appointment with one of them, simply fill out the form on our online appointments page and wait for confirmation.

Our appointments are available in person, and also by video call or phone call.

Are you a business owner? Are you moving to a new space? Are you renovating your premises? Are you a construction professional, a cabinetmaker, a designer or an electrician with commercial projects?

With our varied services and quality products, we can help you with all your projects.

LUX has everything you need for the lighting of boutiques, offices, cafés, kiosks, eyewear, stores, restaurants, hair salons, and more.

We can also design custom lighting solutions to create the perfect ambience or showcase your products.

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LUX presents several new products each month. Stay tuned!

A wide variety of lighting solutions awaits you in our online store!

LED strips and their accessories, lamps, suspended, wall, recessed, ceiling, fans, backlit mirrors, plugs, dimmers, bulbs, wires, transformers.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and our dynamic team will help you every time.

We can also create custom lighting solutions for you. Make an appointment with us without delay, whether it’s for a virtual meeting, on the phone or in person!

The concept is simple: you start by asking yourself if each item is necessary.

You only keep what you actually use.

With everything you take away, there’s more room for the star: lighting.

Lighting is extremely useful in this kind of setting and can be used to make a room look better.

Keep it simple, but effective: recessed, LED strip lights, recessed fixtures and free-standing tubes are perfect and offer a multitude of possibilities.

Keep floors and flat surfaces empty. Also, leave windows bare as much as possible.

A little accessory like a plant or a lamp is still welcome in the setting to help make the place feel like home.

The minimalist style is a process that makes it possible to create a simple, uncluttered and personalized decor according to each person’s preferences, tastes and needs.